Bespoke Gingham Tablecloth Design Ideas

Bespoke Gingham Tablecloth Design Ideas

Gingham is without a doubt one of the most recognisable tablecloth fabrics in the world. While it is often associated with traditional settings, the fact of the matter is that this same unique visual appeal is just as appropriate for even the most modern of gatherings. This brings us to an important point. Are there any bespoke ideas or expert suggestions to keep in mind if you have been hoping to make an impression with your guests? Let us examine some professional tips in order to further appreciate your options.

A Rainbow of Colours

Red is the most common colour associated with gingham tablecloths. However, why not step slightly outside of the box and embrace a different hue? Tones such as green, blue, purple, and yellow are all possibilities. These are excellent options if you wish to coordinate the tablecloth with nearby elements such as flatware or upholstery.

The Use of Customised Measurements

A tablecloth should always be sized in accordance with the table in question. Whether referring to rectangular, square or round, it is important that the fabric is accurately measured and cut.

However, keep in mind that the portion which hangs over the side (known as the short drop) can be adjusted based off of your needs. For instance, more elegant and semi-formal settings will normally allow more fabric to be draped over the table. For fun gatherings or if children happen to be nearby, shorter lengths are recommended.

The team at Express Tablecloths offers a host of gingham covers and dimensions to choose from. As they are all comprised of durable PVC, cleaning is a cinch and practicality is never called into question. Are you looking for even more bespoke tablecloth design ideas? If so, please contact us directly to speak with a representative.