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When You Need A Tablecloth Protector

What is a tablecloth protector?

When it comes to tablecloths, almost everybody appreciates the important role they play in ensuring the living room is tidy and looking beautiful. Table clothes are designed to protect your table from quick wear and tear although they also need to be protected from dirt. If you have invested some money in buying quality tablecloths, it will make more sense if they can serve you for a long time. To get value for your money, you need to purchase a tablecloth protector.

Types of Tablecloth Protectors

Here are the common types of tablecloth protectors:

  • Classic table protectors: These premium tablecloths can protect your table from scratches and excess heat of up to 100°C. They are heavy-duty table protectors.
  • Non-slip table protector: Usually made of rubber, they have a non-slip back to help keep it in place.
  • Table Felt Protector: This is designed to protect your table from excess heat up to 100 °C.

Why you need to purchase a tablecloth protector?

A tablecloth protector comes with numerous benefits for your table cover. Here is why you need a protector for your tablecloth:

  • It helps keep dirt at bay: By purchasing a protector for your tablecloth, you will not need to clean them frequently.
  • Protection allows you to expand the lifespan of your tablecloth: A quality protector will ensure that you use your tablecloth for a longer time.
  • It offers your room aesthetic value: If your tablecloths are clean and appear new, the beauty of the room will be enhanced.

Factors to consider when buying a tablecloth protector

Are you planning to buy a tablecloth protector? If yes, here are the factors you need to consider.

  • Size of your tablecloth: The protector should cover your tablecloth properly to protect it from spills.
  • Material: You should decide what kind of tablecloth protector works best for you based on where you will use it. Some vinyl tablecloth protectors are easy to clean and do not need ironing. On the other hand, a heavy duty table protector is likely to have a longer lifespan as compared to a lighter one.
  • Cost: Be sure to buy a tablecloth protector that is within your budget. Remember expensive does not always mean quality. A heavy duty table protector, however, will cost more than a light one.
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