How To Set a Table For Dinner Napkin Placement

How To Set a Table For Dinner Napkin Placement

There are many elements that go into a memorable dining experience. Place settings, choosing the correct runners and ensuring that all of the proper utensils are present represent common concerns. However, what about napkins? Where should these accessories be placed? Are there any ways to fold them so that an air of sophistication is present? What suggestions should you follow so that all guests are comfortable? Each of these questions deserves a closer look, so let’s continue immediately below.

The Correct Placement

Tradition needs to be taken into account when determining where table napkins should be located. Most restaurants and expert chefs recommend placing them immediately to the left of the plate. However, there can also be times when a napkin is located on the plate itself.

This could be a better option if you are dealing with a limited amount of space or if numerous guests are being catered to. Above all, never place napkins to the right of the plate. This is where the majority of utensils should be found.

Folding Suggestions

Believe it or not, there are literally dozens of ways in which a napkin can be folded. Some of these are obviously more complicated than others. While it is always possible to simply fold a napkin in half, it could be wise to choose from eye-catching variants such as a double-roll fold or a cone fold.

There are numerous online tutorials which will offer step-by-step guides. Try to find one that will work in synergy with the ambiance that you wish to create.

Coordination with Other Elements

Setting napkins on a dinner table should also address coordination concerns. It is normally prudent to choose a style and design that can work together with other elements such as runners and linens. This strategy will “pull” the entire decor together and provide a decidedly seamless experience.

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