Classic Table Guardian

Classic Table Guardian

Good-looking Dining with Guardian Table Protectors

Dining tables have to put up with significant abuse over their lifetime. If you use your table at least twice daily, imagine the amount of punishment that it has to endure. Over time, a dining table will suffer wear from scratches, knicks and dents. Heavy duty table protectors minimise this type of damage. At Express Tablecloths we will customise your protector to your specifications. Whether you are looking to cover up long tables at a corporate luncheon or small, round tables.

Heat and spillage can cause irreparable destruction to a table, our customised protector will help protect your table from marks caused by hot plates or pans it will also stop liquid damaging your table.To store your Table Protector you can fold it or roll it up. It won’t take too much space and you can re-use it without creases!

Decor your table with resistant quality guardian table protectors, and a custom made size for your table.
Available in any shape, from Oval to Round or Rectangular. Complete the look of your table by selecting matching tablecloths, napkins and runners, or customise a fitted, pleated or skirting tablecloth.

Perfect for houses or catering and hospitality businesses to protect any type of table.

Our customer service team offer assistance for any enquiry about our products and customisation of items, so please do not hesitate to get in touch should you need assistance. We promise you will get the perfect quality item for your table!

  • Chocolate
  • Ivory
  • Beige

Customisation Calculators

Our Classic table guardian is to be used under your tablecloth and therefore we will cut the Oval and Cassinian Ovel shap approximately but if a more accurate guardian shape is required then we will need you to supply us with an accurate template of your table to copy, also please note that the guardian can be cut with a scissor easily.

Standard Sizes

Fabric Per Meter

These Runners are square ends and do NOT come with any tassels, if you would like to add tassels? or chose pointed end, then please use the Customised Table Runner calculator.