Express Tablecloths specialise in wide selection of fabrics for cushion covers. A cushion is a classic addition to the living room, whatever the theme. It works wonders when tying together a look. A cushion can add a splash of colour in a minimalist theme or that hint of elegance in a modern-chic decor. You can make your cushions say anything with the right fabric.

At Express Tablecloths, we carry an extensive range of materials that can be used for made to measure cushion covers. We have the expertise to create bespoke cushion covers for all types of furniture.

Whether it’s patio furniture, bench seats or sofa sets, we have stunning cushion fabric choices.

Cushion Fabrics for all Occasions

The impressive collection of fabric for cushion covers we stock at Express Tablecloths ensures that you get the right one. Cushions are not just about comfort; they can set the ambience in a room.

Brightly-coloured cushion covers can bring warmth to a space while a monochromatic theme can tone down a flashy decor.

It’s only about finding the perfect blend of style and colour. We have cushion cover materials in all kinds of patterns ranging from Gingham to floral to dotted. The colourways are just as diverse. This variety gives you plenty of alternatives to suit different decoration needs.

Get The Perfect Look

Achieving perfection with your cushion covers is not hard when you have the right materials. What makes cushion fabric ideal is not just about how it looks but the feel and durability as well.

You want covers that can withstand regular use, especially if you have children or setting your cushions outdoors. We understand these requirements and strive to fulfil them.

We source materials from leading suppliers and use the best techniques to make our bespoke cushion covers.

For quality cushion covers, contact us and enjoy an unmatched selection. Find superior quality and durable fabric for stylish cushion covers that stand out.