PVC Clear

PVC Clear

Show Off Your Table with Clear PVC

PVC tablecloths come in a broad spectrum of colours and designs. However, sometimes you only want a bit of that decorative aspect. Your setting can be a combination of many elements, including the table itself. A clear tablecloth is one way that you can keep your table visible while still protecting it. At Express Tablecloths, we have a PVC clear collection purposely for this. The tablecloths are smooth, giving your table a sleek look. Creases are not a problem when dealing with transparent PVC. The tablecloth won’t need ironing and is easy to clean, and these are some of the biggest plus points. You can wipe off grease, oil and dirt without any problem.

Enjoy Extensive Versatility

Our clear tablecloths are not without their charm even though they are translucent. We have tablecloths printed in all kinds of designs. A tablecloth can influence the ambience at a dining table. So, we give you the freedom to pick a covering that satisfies your needs. Choose a multi-coloured fruit design or a checked pattern to incorporate into your table arrangement. Our PVC clear collection provides style in many dimensions, including colour and texture.

Protect Your Table

PVC is effective at protecting all kinds of surfaces such as glass, natural wood and plastic. Our PVC clear tablecloths will guard your table against everyday spills like soft drinks, coffee and stew. The covering acts as a barrier between the spillage and the table. Despite being smooth, our clear PVC tablecloths are not slippery. You won’t have to chase your plate on the table as you try to scoop your food. The tablecloth is designed to stick to the tabletop. This feature also means that you can clean the tablecloth without having to remove it every time.

Our PVC clear tablecloth collection is suitable for all environments, including homes, restaurants or school breakrooms. Find an ideal transparent tablecloth and provide your tables with unrivalled protection.

Fabric width 140cm
  • Mix-Dot
  • Clear-Gold
  • PVC-Clear-Damask
  • PVC-Clear-Glitter
  • PVC-Clear-White-Spots
  • PVC-Clear-Wild-Flower
  • PVC-Clear

Standard Sizes


Fabric Per Meter

These Runners are square ends and do NOT come with any tassels, if you would like to add tassels? or chose pointed end, then please use the Customised Table Runner calculator.

PVC Clear

Material: PVC with 100% non woven Polypropylene Backing

Width: 140 cm

Weight: 245 g/m²


At Express tablecloth we use a secure UPS delivery service, our shipping cost for UK Mainland start from £7.50 for our 7 working days dispatch and using UPS standard service. Our priority service starts from £9.95 which will be dispatched in 3 to 4 working days. We also offer 12pm and 10:30am delivery options.

Isle of Man Standard Delivery from £26.00.
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Scottish Highland Standard Delivery from £26.00.

Square corner with Binding

Round corner without Binding

Round corner with Binding

Wipe Clean Only