PVC Food

Clean and Good-looking Table Coverings with the PVC Food Collection

Express Tablecloths has a PVC food collection that combines functionality and aesthetics. The table covers come with a variety of different foods printed on them. Food prints are a simple way to make tablecloths fun while giving them a clever theme. Our range of PVC food tablecloths includes strawberry, fruit mix and coffee prints, among others. Why should you consider this collection from Express Tablecloths? For one, it gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to customisation. You can get PVC tablecloths that match the rest of the setting. For example, the coffee PVC tablecloth is perfect for a coffee place.

Maintain Impeccable TablesHealth and safety are two crucial aspects when picking tablecloths, napkins and linen. More than the appearance of the table arrangement, you must ensure that tablecloths are washable. You should be able to keep the tablecloth clean for the sake of the people using it. Our PVC tablecloths are some of the easiest coverings to maintain. You can remove food and liquids with warm soapy water. Regardless of the number of people at the table or the extent of food spillage in place, PVC is stress-free. It’s why we recommend this collection for various commercial settings. If you run a fast-food joint, eatery or cafe, PVC tablecloths are worthy investments.

Dress Your Tables in Style

The food theme might seem basic, but you can do so much with it. Our PVC tablecloths are refreshingly chic. They are available in various colour blends, giving you a host of options. You can be as fashion-forward as you wish with this collection. Play with different food designs to suit your decor. Browse our designs that range from vivid fruit salads to shabby chic desserts.

Look through our PVC food tablecloth range for an idea of what we offer. Discover our decorative, resilient and easy to clean PVC tablecloths.

Fabric width 140cm
  • PVC-Berries
  • PVC-Coffee-Bean
  • PVC-Cup-Cake
  • PVC-Green-Apple
  • PVC-Italian-Olive
  • PVC-Lemon
  • PVC-Mixed-Fruit
  • PVC-Red-Apple
  • PVC-Spice
  • PVC-Veggie

Standard Sizes


Fabric Per Meter

These Runners are square ends and do NOT come with any tassels, if you would like to add tassels? or chose pointed end, then please use the Customised Table Runner calculator.

PVC Food

Material: PVC with 100% non woven Polypropylene Backing

Width: 140 cm

Weight: 245 g/m²


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Square corner with Binding

Round corner without Binding

Round corner with Binding

Wipe Clean Only