PVC Plain

PVC Plain

No-fuss Table Settings with the PVC Plain Collection

Practicality is always a significant consideration when buying tablecloths. When you have a house full of children or a busy cafe, a plain tablecloth is sometimes the best way to go. Our plain PVC tablecloths are beautiful in an uncomplicated way. They are designed to meet a host of decorating requirements. Express Tablecloths carries only high-quality products. Customers can count on first-grade materials, durable dyes and hard-wearing construction. You can get our plain tablecloths with placemats, coasters and table runners to complement them.

Maintenance Made Easy

The lack of fancy patterns makes the tablecloth easy to maintain. You can quickly spot a spill, allowing you to clean it before it dries on the tablecloth. On the other hand, the plain material makes it easy for people to notice when a tablecloth is dirty. Fortunately, PVC doesn’t pose any complications when it comes to cleaning. You won’t have to buy special cleaning agents or tools. Warm soapy water does the trick. When cleaning a plain PVC tablecloth, you can tell if certain areas are not clean. Stubborn stains are hard to overlook when the whole tablecloth is of one colour.

Simple and Classy

No-frills doesn’t mean boring. Our plain PVC tablecloths are as elegant as they come. They are modern without being pretentious. You don’t have intricate patterns or designs distracting people at the table. Our plain tablecloths stun in their simplicity. The perfect tablecloth doesn’t always mean an elaborate design. For some people, it is plain fabric, and we understand this. We stock plain tablecloths in a vast selection of colours. They range from warm to cool, bright to dark. You can have a colour for each season or occasion. Our plain tablecloths are ideal for corporate events, home and commercial use, among other applications.

Do you need practical tablecloths that deliver splendid performance and durability? If so, pick the PVC plain collection from Express Tablecloths.

Fabric width 140cm
  • PVC-Empire-Yellow
  • PVC-Gold
  • PVC-Hot-Pink
  • PVC-Peacock
  • PVC-Plain-Black
  • PVC-Plain-Blue
  • PVC-Plain-Brown
  • PVC-Plain-Deep-Green
  • PVC-Plain-White
  • PVC-Red

Standard Sizes


Fabric Per Meter

These Runners are square ends and do NOT come with any tassels, if you would like to add tassels? or chose pointed end, then please use the Customised Table Runner calculator.

PVC Plain

Material: PVC with 100% non woven Polypropylene Backing

Width: 140 cm

Weight: 245 g/m²


At Express tablecloth we use a secure UPS delivery service, our shipping cost for UK Mainland start from £7.50 for our 7 working days dispatch and using UPS standard service. Our priority service starts from £9.95 which will be dispatched in 3 to 4 working days. We also offer 12pm and 10:30am delivery options.

Isle of Man Standard Delivery from £26.00.
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Scottish Highland Standard Delivery from £26.00.

Square corner with Binding

Round corner without Binding

Round corner with Binding

Wipe Clean Only