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Table Accessories You’ll Love

Tablecloths, whether they are made from linen or PVC, protect table tops from damage that can occur through everyday use while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the furniture piece.

Coffee rings left by hot mugs, wine stains from spilled drinks, scrapes from cutlery and burns from scalding cooking containers may ruin the appearance of an expensive wooden table and tablecloths can prevent that harm from occurring. Table accessories such as clips, ties and runners can make a table more attractive while enhancing the protective qualities of the tablecloth.

Table Runners.

Table runners are long strips of fabric, often embroidered or printed, that run the length of the table and drape over the ends. Those with tables made of expensive materials, such as tropical hardwood or shatter-resistant glass, may wish to leave the bare surface of the table exposed while using a runner to decorate the centre of the table and to protect it from any potential damage that could be done by cooking pots or other kitchen hazards. These table accessories can also be positioned on top of tablecloths or, in the case of skirted tables, draped over table toppers.

Table clips.

Table clips, attaching the table skirting to the table surface, are useful table accessories for those who wish to decorate their eating surfaces for special occasions. Persons who wish to purchase table clips, which use either Velcro or clamp-like pressure to attach the skirting to table covering, can find a range of useful table accessories online. Express Tablecloths, a family-run business operating out of Manchester, sell a wide selection of made-to-measure tablecloths and table accessories that include table clip products which suit a variety of skirting styles.


A table parasol, comprised of a folding umbrella that is mounted on top of a pole, is an excellent addition to any outdoor dining space. These table accessories, available in a range of sizes and designs, help to protect diners from the sun on the hotter days of the year while sheltering people from the rain during showery spells. Outdoor meals, a common occurrence during the summer, allow those in attendance to eat in comfort and style. Express Tablecloths Online, who sell a range of table accessories to enhance a variety of dining experiences, offer a selection of table parasols and provide table coverings with embroidered or plastic eyelets that can accommodate the poles that support the umbrellas.