Tablecloth Sizing Guide_ How Big Should a Tablecloth Be

Tablecloth Sizing Guide: How Big Should a Tablecloth Be?

From outdoor barbecues during the summer months to a holiday feast, no dinner would be complete without an attractive and hard-wearing tablecloth. Not only are these fabrics able to protect delicate underlying surfaces, but they can add a touch of style to any gathering. Still, it is important that you are able to select the correct size in order to avoid any issues during the event itself. What factors will you need to take into account so that the proper dimensions can be obtained well in advance?

The Notion of a Tablecloth “Drop”

Whether referring to gingham tablecloths or plain patterns, it is first important to determine the drop. The drop is the amount of material that you wish to hang over the sides of the table.

In most cases, you will want to have a drop between six and eight inches (formal events may have a drop of up to 15 inches). We will now see why this initial measurement is important.

Measuring the Dimensions of the Table Itself

You will first need to determine the size of the table. If you are dealing with a round table, measure the diameter. Then, multiply the drop (mentioned previously) by two. Add this to the diameter in order to discover the appropriate size.

In terms of square or rectangular tables, Measure the length and width. Multiply the drop by two and add this figure to both the length and the width. Multiple the length and width together to determine the appropriate dimensions. Please note that these very same steps can be used to discover the proper size of longer elements such as table runners.

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